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Watercolor Landscapes Watercolor Landscapes
I paint from life, sometimes "Plein Aire" and sometimes from memory and reference photographs. I like to combine resources to capture the light and energy of a subject.

Watercolor Seascapes Watercolor Seascapes
I am at home near the water. Walking the beach is a renewal process for me. The Pacific Northwest has a mild, wet climate. Water finds it's way into most of my paintings. Wear your boots!

Small Acrylics Small Acrylics
Acrylics are fun and predictable... unlike watercolors, they stay where you put them!  A nice change of pace.

Commissions Commissions
I will consider commission work. Here are some that I have delivered on.

Current Work Current Work
I'm always adding new paintings, fresh off my painting board. Check back regularly to see whats new!

Art Banners Art Banners
Designed and painted on heavy duty canvas with latex house paint

Melanie Originals - Art filled with the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

 Melanie Serroels Camano Island, WA425-503-8415

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