I'm a native of the Pacific Northwest. Originally from Oregon, we moved to Washington State in 1988, and to Camano Island, Washington in 2004.  

The subtle colors and sudden changes in light and atmosphere make painting in a representational style challenging. 

I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful artists here on Camano Island. Know as the Art Island, they say "Art Lives on Camano."
I'm one of many watercolorist, but only one of two here that can say they started with Northwest Artist, Charles Mulvey from Seaview, Washington.  He was a known and collected Northwest Watercolor artist and sparked the talents of some of our most well known, and collected artists in this region.  He taught in transparent watercolor technique, and had a representational style. Charles was willing to share his techniques with demonstrations and critique.  Since those first few workshops, I have taken from other artists and developed my own style.  

I enjoy traveling and gathering ideas and inspiration. The unpredictability of watercolors makes working in this medium a challenge.   Painting life, light, atmosphere, and the energy outside my door is my muse... having someone else view, recognize, and appreciate the outcome, is just pure fun!

I work with Acrylics too.  This medium has the opposite application sequence of watercolor, you paint dark to light, finishing with the highlights.  Nice thing about this medium is that it stays where you put it!   


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